2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Confirmed

The latest version of Range Rover Sport has just been unveiled, more luxurious and refined than ever before. The new model is impressive with its style and degree of refinement. We appreciate its powerful choices for powertrains. However, it’s not the only thing it’s going to be available in the next year, specifically in the area of electrification. The company has already launched the plug-in hybrid, and now it’s time to introduce 2024’s Range Rover Sport Electric, which will come with an electric motor. The model is expected to launch in the following year.

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Specs
2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Specs

Based on what we have learned from the beginning The company is currently working on an all-electric configuration to be integrated into the current version. In essence, the new model supports complete electrification which means we can expect an acceptable performance and range. It also means that the overall look is expected to stay the same but there’s always an opportunity for slight tweaks that will enhance the model’s off-road inclinations. As we’ve mentioned earlier, 2024’s Range Rover Sport Electric should come out in the next year.

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Review


The most exciting element in the 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric will be the engine. The brand new model is just being introduced that comes with V8 and inline-six engines, and an integrated hybrid system. It’s now time to move on to fully electrified vehicles, and that model is scheduled to be available within the next few years.

At the moment, officials remain silent on the specifications. We can however hear reports of a battery pack that has a capacity of 85 to 105kWh. This could provide an acceptable autonomy of about 300 miles. Also, we expect the latest battery technology and acceptable charging speed.

However, specifics about the power numbers are not yet available. We only know that 2024’s Range Rover Sport Electric will include a dual motor configuration however the precise numbers aren’t available yet.


As we’ve mentioned earlier that the all-electric version will be an adaptation of the standard model. The new model is built on the brand new MLA Flex platform that is extremely adaptable and modular and can adapt to different types of powertrains and configurations, including all-electric ones. So the 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric will come with the same style and design and style as the gasoline versions. We’re soon to have the same suspension and chassis and that means it will have a similar ride quality.

Similar to aesthetics, in which we anticipate the same style of design to be used. We expect the same exterior style that has produced subtle but powerful changes to the earlier generation. This Ranger Rover Sport looks conventional but also futuristic but is also sleek and stylish. This could be one of its best features.


We’re not expecting any more surprises from this area as well. So, we expect the same design for the dashboard that looks elegant with its clean lines that come in conjunction with beautifully created tech features like a floating touchscreen-like infotainment system, an elegant center console, and an enormous instrument cluster. Of course, the all-electric Ranger Rover Sport would come with a different instrument cluster, which is adapted for the electric powertrain.

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Interior
2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Interior

Given that the battery will be positioned beneath the floor, the area for passengers should not be reduced. We, therefore, expect two large and comfortable rows of seats and a good cargo area. The cargo space should provide approximately 32 cubic feet in the back of the row, and 53 cubic yards of the total volume of cargo.


It’s not clear if it will be the 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric will be a top-of-the-line model that comes with all the regular features, or whether we could see it in the form of a less basic version too. Whatever the case it’s going to be extravagant. For comparison, the gasoline model is equipped with features like the 13.1-inch touchscreen and the ability to wirelessly connect Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Navigation, 15 speakers, Meridian audio system satellite radio HD Radio, Bluetooth, USB ports as well as wireless charging of devices and a Wi-Fi hotspot and a 13.7-inch electronic instrument cluster, and dual-zone climate control.

In addition to upgrades, you’ll discover a variety of features such as Amazon Alexa, a Meridian 3D surround-sound stereo system, and a panoramic sunroof. four-zone climate control that is automatic and a refrigerated console. There is also an abundance of safety features that are standard including lane-keep assist as well as lane departure alert, forward collision detection, automated emergency brakes, parking sensors, cameras with surround-view, traffic sign recognition, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic warning.

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Review
2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Review

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Release Date and Price

We believe that 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric will be available in 2024 with a price starting at more than 100.000 dollars. One of the main rivals will be the models like Tesla Model X, Nio ES8, and of course the GMC Hummer EV SUV, which will be among the main competitors when it comes to off-road capabilities.