2024 MINI Cooper SE : Redesign Info & Release Date

MINI is currently testing the next-generation electric Hardtop in Swedish Lapland at Arjeplog’s proving ground. This will allow MINI to fine-tune the chassis and steering for the go-kart feel customers have come to expect from the core model. The automaker released a huge photo gallery to mark the occasion. It includes an interesting set that features the 2024 MINI Cooper SE prototype as well as all the previous generations of MINI Hardtops, including the original Mini from the 1960s. It is fascinating to look at the four previous generations together, as it allows us to see how MINI’s core model has evolved with each iteration.

2024 MINI Cooper SE
2024 MINI Cooper SE

The fifth generation is a noteworthy exception, as it is slightly lighter and shorter than the MINI Cooper SE. It uses a unique electric vehicle architecture that was co-developed by BMW Group, Great Wall Motor and others. This is in contrast to the current generation, which shares its platform alongside ICE-powered models.

The new EV architecture will enable the MINI’s new electric MINI to have smaller exterior dimensions. However, the interior will be larger thanks to a 40mm (1.6 in) longer wheelbase. Because the EV-only platform allows the wheels to be pushed further towards vehicle’s extremities,

2024 MINI Cooper SE Review

Autocar learned this after taking a test drive in the MINI Cooper SE just 18 months before it goes on sale. According to Autocar, engineers were able to fit a larger battery pack in the 2024 model than the 32.6-kWh unit of the current EV (of which only 28.9kWh are usable). This means that the driving distance will be longer than the 2023 Cooper SE’s EPA-rated 114 mi (183 km).

Autocar was able to confirm the authenticity of the images that were leaked late last year regarding the styling. The new model features a familiar front with bold taillights, an updated rear and a minimalist dashboard that is dominated by a large round touchscreen in the middle.

Interestingly, the MINI Hardtop, which will be powered by gasoline, will look very similar to the EV. However, the MINI Hardtop will ride on an updated FAAR architecture, the same one used by the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. The EV will be available as a three door hatch, while ICE models will remain in three- and five-door hatchbacks and convertible body styles.

Performance & Capability

In the 2000s, the idea of driving an electric car or hybrid car was to make a statement. But as EVs become more common, consumers are noticing the benefits in terms of fuel savings and maintenance costs. MINI is not the first to experiment with electric cars. MINI E was a demonstration car made of all-electric materials by British automaker MINI in 2009. It was distributed worldwide on a trial basis to support research and development.

A decade later, a production version of the MINI Cooper SE finally made it to market in 2020. The current MINI Cooper SE is only available in the USA as a 2-door hardtop and comes in two trims. MINI Cooper SE Electric is powered by a single 181 horsepower electric motor that produces 199 pound-feet torque and powers the front wheels. It can go from 0-60 MPH in just 6.9 seconds.

Although the electric motor is paired with a 1-speed direct-drive transmission borrowed from the discontinued BMW i3, it has a modified gear ratio due to the different tire rolling circumferences. The i3 was able to ride on very thin and tall tires, as those who are able to recall.


There are four driving modes available: Sport, Mid and Green. While the modes change the throttle response and steering dynamics of the vehicle, the vehicle’s power as well as top speed and acceleration remain the same regardless of which mode is selected.

BMW supplied the 32.6 kWh lithium-ion pack that lives in the car’s belly. The MINI Electric’s footprint is small, but it still weighs in at 3,143 pounds. This means that the MINI Electric’s handling will not be as agile and go-kart-like. The mini cooper electric has a lower center of gravity which allows for better balance. Also, the electric motor’s instant torque is great for quick trips around town. You can reach the EPA’s estimated range by 114 miles with a light foot.

To fully charge your MINI Cooper SE’s battery, plug it into a standard household outlet. This will take approximately 24 hours. A Level II wall charger will reduce that time to only four hours. You can recharge the battery pack up to 80 percent by driving to one of the Level III DC fast charging locations. This is part of the 20,000+ charging points. MINI Electric can support up to 50 kW. You can also recharge the battery pack by one-pedal driving. You can now select the intensity of the regenerative brake system.


MINI Electric’s body shares the same underpinnings as the standard MINI Cooper S. This is a good thing. It is actually a deliberate choice, as it makes the transition to an EV easier. The front bumper is more aerodynamic and the grille has been updated. The attractive Union Jack design and the chunky headlight with LED surrounds give the vehicle a more appealing styling.

Although the electric MINI may look familiar, there are some unique features and design elements that make it stand out. The MINI Electric badge and front grille are finished in the same shade as the MINI Electric badge. They also have subtle yellow neon green accents. The most obvious sign that this is an electric MINI is the absence of exhaust pipes at the back.

2024 MINI Cooper SE Review
2024 MINI Cooper SE Review

The MINI brand is known for its wide range of customization options. There are so many combinations and permutations that there is no limit to the possibilities. There are five color options and nine 16-inch or 17 inch wheel options for both trims. You can choose to have a more traditional look by choosing a Multitone Roof ($500) or a contrasting white roof. Hood stripes are also available ($150).

Roof Rails (250 USD) are an optional add-on. There are unique finishes and designs available for the all-electric model that will make you stand out from the crowd. The yellow mirror caps, two-tone and 17 inch Electric Power Spoke wheels let everyone know that you are an EV. Exterior Colors Include:

  • Chili Red
  • Midnight Black II
  • MINI Yours Enigmatic Black metallic
  • British Racing Green IV metallic
  • Island Blue metallic


The Cooper SE’s interior is a joy to look at. It has the same quirky theme you associate with MINI. The cabin is also made up of top-quality materials. The dash has been updated with redesigned air vents. The circular housing that houses the central infotainment screen, which is synonymous with modern MINI’s, now has an 8.8-inch touchscreen and an updated user interface. Apple Carplay is the only supported feature, which is odd. The exterior features an LED ring and ambient lighting in the same neon-green color. MINI also included an audio system in the box.

MINI has also dropped the analog instrument panel setup and replaced it with a fully digital cluster. This displays your drive modes and turn-by-turn navigation as well as multimedia. Standard features include a new leather-wrapped steering column and heated front seats.

You have a wide range of leatherette/leather options when it comes to seats. You can get quilted Chesterfield Leather seats in Malt Brown and Satellite Grey colors with the Iconic trim. You can also select MINI Your’s leather lounge option in Carbon Black ($750), which gives you more Union Jacks on the headrests.

There are four options for trim pieces, ranging in color from piano black to aluminium. As an option, you can also get an anthracite headliner at no cost. Rear seats are best for children and have a cargo volume of 8.7 cubic feet. This is comparable to the MINI’s gas-powered MINI. To make more space, you can fold the rear seats down.

2024 MINI Cooper SE Specs
2024 MINI Cooper SE Specs

2024 MINI Cooper SE Prices and Availability

The MINI Cooper SE Electric 2024 has a starting MSRP at $34,225 (excludes destination), making it one of the most affordable electric cars on the U.S. Market.