2024 Honda Civic : First Looks, Release Date, Pricing & Full Specs

The 2024 Honda Civic is a top-rated and best-selling vehicle in the company. The Honda Civic comes in two body styles: the Sedan and the Hatchback. Both body styles are well-loved by customers. Honda claims that the Civic will soon have a Hybrid powertrain for the model year 2024.

2024 Honda Civic
2024 Honda Civic

The new Honda Civic Hybrid 2024 sedan and hatchback will offer the highest fuel economy ratings with a high power output of 180-200 HP. The Honda Civic also features a luxurious interior, impressive exterior design, and high-quality materials. It will also have the most recent infotainment- and connectivity features. Honda Civic also received more awards. Edmunds test teams rated it the best-rated car in 2023. It is also the most fuel-efficient, stylish, and fun-to-drive vehicle, making it the winner of the car and driver’s book. Honda Civic is a highly-rated vehicle.

What’s new in the Honda Civic 2024?

The current 2023 Honda Civic is part of the 11th-generation Civic. It was designed completely new for the 2022 model year. It was then carried over to the 2023 model without major changes. However, the Honda Civic 2024 model year will likely include a Hybrid powertrain. Honda also confirmed that the Honda Civic sedan, and hatchback will feature a hybrid powertrain similar to the Honda Accord Hybrid. However, the non-hybrid trim will likely not see any significant changes in the 2024 model year.


The Honda Civic’s interior is spacious and impressive. The interior of the Honda Civic is already excellent and includes more features. It is also very easy to use. We don’t think Honda will make any significant changes to its interior design in 2024. The Honda Civic’s interior is clean and well-designed. This allows both the driver and passenger to enjoy their journey without any difficulties. It has a touchscreen display on the dashboard that the driver can use without any problems.

It also has enough space for the driver, front, and rear passengers. This means that anyone can comfortably sit in the interior. Because it offers enough legroom and headroom, including in the rear seats, inside. You can also get heated front seats if you select the top trims. The interior design of the Honda civic is superb. Its interior design is flawless. It has enough interior space and luxury tech features. It also comes standard with automatic climate control. You will also get a truck volume of up to 14.8 cubic yards for your bags and suitcases.

Engine & Specs

The base trims of the Honda Civic Sedan or hatchback come with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces a power output of 158 HP, and torque of 138 lb. ft. The same turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is used in the top trims of the Honda Civic Sedan and hatchback: EX Sedan and Touring Sedan, EX Hatchback, and Sport Touring hatchback. It produces a power output of 180 HP, 177 lbft of Torque, and EX Sedan and Touring Sedan.

We know that the new Hybrid powertrain will be joining the Civic lineup in 2024. The hybrid powertrain may be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors, generating combined power outputs of up to 200 horsepower.


According to the 2024 Honda Civic EX Sedan, it has the best fuel economy. Honda claims that the EX Sedan will get 33 MPG in the city, 42 MPG highway, and 36 MPG combined. This is a great fuel economy. Unfortunately, the fuel economy for hybrid trims isn’t available at this time. We will soon have Honda Civic Hybrid MPG.

2024 Honda Civic Specs
2024 Honda Civic Specs

Safety Features

The Honda Civic, a compact car with a long history of popularity, has been in production since the 1970s. The Civic has been a reliable, safe, and fuel-efficient car over the years. We will be discussing some safety features of the Honda Civic in this article. Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE), Body Structure: The Honda Civic’s ACE body structure distributes crash energy evenly across the vehicle. This reduces the impact on the occupants. This structure helps maintain the integrity and safety of the passenger compartment in the event of a crash.

  • Airbags: The Honda Civic has front, side, and side-curtain airbags. In the event of a frontal crash, the front airbags protect the driver and passenger. Side airbags protect the occupants from side impacts. Side-curtain airbags offer additional protection to the heads of the occupants if there is a rollover or a side impact.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System: The ABS in the Honda Civic prevents the wheels from locking up under hard braking. This allows the driver to keep control of the vehicle. This system is particularly useful in slippery or wet conditions.
  • Vehicle Stability Assist, (VSA),: The VSA system in the Honda Civic prevents the car’s skidding and sliding during sudden maneuvers such as emergency lane changes. This system applies brakes to each wheel and reduces engine power when necessary to maintain control.
  • Rearview Camera: When backing up, the Honda Civic has a rearview camera. This allows for a clear view of what is behind it. This prevents accidents and makes it easy for the driver to park their car.
  • Lane Departure Warning: The LDW system in the Honda Civic uses a camera that detects when the car is moving out of its lane. It then alerts the driver by giving an audible or visual warning. This prevents accidents from driver distraction and drowsiness.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: The Honda Civic’s ACC system helps maintain a safe distance between the vehicle in front and it. This system uses radar and camera sensors, which detect distance and speed from the vehicle in front and adjusts the Civic’s speed accordingly.

Honda Civic also includes other safety features such as Standard Tire Pressure Monitor and Automatic High Beams, Traffic jam Assist, and Lane Keeping Assist. The Honda Civic is a reliable and safe car. It is also equipped with advanced safety features that protect the occupants in case of an accident. These safety features prevent accidents, keep the vehicle in control and reduce the chance of injury.

Infotainment & Connectivity Features

The Honda Civic has more standard connectivity and infotainment features. For example, the base Honda Civic trims have a 7-inch color touchscreen display and the top trim has a 9-inch touchscreen display. All Honda Civic trims include standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth Handsfree, Bluetooth streaming Audio, and SMS Text Functions. There is also a 7-inch driver information display. The Honda Civic also comes with standard connectivity and infotainment features.

2024 Honda Civic Price
2024 Honda Civic Price

2024 Honda Civic Release Date & Price

The next New Honda Civic hybrid trims and non-hybrid Trims will be available in Fall 2023, or early 2024. Honda has not yet announced the exact launch date of the 2024 model year. According to media reports, it may be available in Fall 2023. The 2024 Honda Civic may come in nine trims, including sedan, hatchback, and hybrid powertrains. Its base trim is expected to cost around $25,000, while the top trims could be as high as $32,000. Below are the expected prices for all trims. We will soon have the latest prices and trims.