2024 Dodge Ram Dakota : Everything You Need to Know

Medium-sized pickups are being developed, as well. Enter the 2024 Dodge Ram Dakota. The truck has been waiting to get an upgrade for quite some time. This news is an exciting surprise for Dakota enthusiasts. Particularly since there was a rumor circulated that RAM would like to end the project. It could mean that they introduce the new pickup of a mid-size size into the existing fleet.

2024 Dodge Ram Dakota Review
2024 Dodge Ram Dakota Review

It seems like they chose the easy route and will modify their Dakota further. This is good news for interiors and exteriors that are in need to be refreshed. Certain styles are out of date as is the technology. The goal is to be aggressive top of the list in this marketplace. Let’s have a look at what’s in store with the brand new Dakota.

2024 Dodge Ram Dakota Review


We’ll see a new interior in the new 2024 Dodge Ram Dakota. This will result in more comfortable seating and better upholstery along with a variety of enjoyable features. For instance, heating, ventilation or even massages in the more expensive trimmings. Informationtainment can be described as a touchscreen measuring 13 inches of size. It is equipped with normal connectivity.

The Dashboard will also be digital. We are happy that RAM is looking toward the future. There are plenty of security features included on this new Dakota. It will be interesting to find out whether they include hands-free operation. Each Ford as well as GM are using their respective programs. RAM could make investments in their own software and offer more pre-mapped roads than rivals.


The exterior will be the same. It’s still a solid-looking 2024 Dodge Ram Dakota. It is a shrewd and tough. It’s ready for off-roading as it is. It is equipped with an adjustable air suspension, and under-armour skids to safeguard the body. The bumpers are visible, however with a great angle of approach. The bumpers are not obstructed by the truck. The cargo bed measures 5.5 feet in length and comes with a multi-functional tailgate. Some trims have camo paint.

2024 Dodge Ram Dakota Specs
2024 Dodge Ram Dakota Specs

Engine and Specs

It’s quite surprise, but there will not be a lot of changes to the engine. In the end 2024 Dodge Ram Dakota will continue to come with the same engine. That means that fans will be forced to choose the option of a variety of engines. The engine we have is the 3.6-liter V6 that has 250 horsepower as well as 260 lbs of torque. This is not good for a mid-sized pickup. We also can have the highest priced model that is the Dakota. It’s an diesel 3.0-liter V6 that has the option of an automated transmission.

Some of the fans suggested that they would like an automatic transmission, but we’ll be waiting to find out whether RAM responds to their pleas. The engine is capable of producing 250 horsepower and 440 pounds of torque. Many people may recognize this motor from it’s counterpart, the Jeep Gladiator pickup.

If it’s good enough to be used in a mountain climber like the Gladiator the engine will be a good fit for a Dakota too. The extra power will definitely help when you’re not on the road. There is no officially confirmed hybrid or completely electric powertrain.This is quite a surprise. Many companies are racing to incorporate batteries inside their trucks. But RAM appears unaffected by this.

Maybe they’re not concerned about emissions standards for 2030 to be honest. A dual electric motor system could be a boon to the Dakota. It could also borrow one of the motors from Wrangler. The hybrid engine could generate the equivalent of 375 horses. Fully electric trucks aren’t as distant as many people think. It’s just a matter of changing the platform. You can find plenty of great platforms available. The platform needs to include all the electrical components that power the engine. The battery should not be less than 150 kWh if they wish to rival Ford’s and General Motors’ inventions.

Fuel Economy

The 2024 Dodge Ram Dakota isn’t the most expensive to run however it offers some worth when it comes to mileage. It’s possible to get 14.6 mpg combined for driving. This figure would be more efficient if you had an engine that was hybrid in the engine.

2024 Dodge Ram Dakota
2024 Dodge Ram Dakota

2024 Dodge Ram Dakota Release Date & Price

You can expect to see the iconic mid-sized pickup out on the roads by the end of 2023. It could be in the summer, or the autumn season if supply chain issues continue because of the pandemic. In 2024 Dodge Ram Dakota will cost about $25000, which is a reasonable for a first trim.