2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Hybrid Revealed as The Quickest Chevy in History

Chevrolet is developing an electric hybrid C8 Corvette, but it’s not unveiled. All-wheel drive will come as included for the middle-engine Corvette. We know the date when the official debut will take place. Remember the date for January 17, 2023. The official launch of 2024’s Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray is scheduled to take place on that date. We’ve seen it online but don’t know the exact details. A leak on a website showed us an image of the vehicle through Chevrolet’s online visualizer. The leak from Chevrolet didn’t reveal any details on performance or mechanical aspects however it did confirm the E-Ray name.

2024 Chevy corvette E-Ray Redesign
2024 Chevy corvette E-Ray Redesign

The hybrid will blend styling cues from the Z06 and Stingray models, with a few E-Ray-inspired features. Side intakes and a broader stance are Z06 highlights, while the fascia on the rear with quad exhaust tips that go to the corners is a Stingray feature. On the front, the Eray has that lower part of the fascia. That’s the thing we glimpse in the teaser video.

The exterior of the “Vette” is not all that we can see. We’re shown Stealth as a different mode of driving. We aren’t sure the purpose of it, but due to the hybrid powertrain under the hood, it’s likely Stealth is by design to be an all-electric mode. If this is the case it means that the E-Ray will not just be the first fully-wheel-drive powered by electricity and could be the first front-wheel drive Corvette. A motor powered by electricity will drive the front wheels while the Stingray’s 6.2 Liter LT2 V8 engine will drive the rear wheels.

2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Review

Corvette Stingray already has 495 horsepower from the V8 engine. According to reports the electric engine is estimated to produce 150 horsepower higher than the V8. The result would boost overall power output by about 600 horsepower. The E-Ray will be placed just beneath the Z06 and the hybrid might be more quickly in straight-line sprints due to the all-wheel-drive grip. The Z06 will remain the best-trained Corvette in the Corvette lineup. Corvette lineup, especially when corners are encountered.

Chevrolet can launch additional teasers before the E-Ray announcement. Motor1.com is able to provide all the details once the covers are lifted. You can tune into The Rambling About Cars podcast for the latest vehicle announcements. Performance cars are rapidly changing. The world is changing rapidly. A lot of cars do not depend on internal combustion for power. Hybrids are slowly creeping into sports and supercar markets. Hybrid supercars and hypercars along with electric versions of these vehicles are appearing on roads. The trend towards electrification is impacting all. The revolution that is taking over the auto industry can’t be put off with cars like Chevrolet Corvette, the all-American Chevrolet Corvette. A hybrid version, called “E-Ray” is in development.


We have long been aware about we knew that the Corvette E-Ray was coming in 2024. Following news of leaks about the Corvette configurator, we’re more sure. Chevrolet has posted a teaser of the E-Ray and it’s scheduled for the 17th of January. Some may be disappointed the Corvette will come with a hybrid engine. We’re not sure. The E-Ray is an important leap forward in the realm of performance vehicles. Chevrolet is confident that it is going to be a success following the incredible C8 Z06 performance.

The E-Ray isn’t a fully electric Corvette however, it does come with all-new hybrid technology. We’re not sure yet what the under-hood of the E-Ray will look like. We’re expecting it to be driven by the identical 6.2-liter V8 engine that is in it in the C8 Stingray. It will generate the equivalent of 490 HP and 470 pounds of torque. We must admit that this engine is impressive. The hybrid unit gives the C8 E-Ray greater power.

The current hybrid power is anticipated to be about 115 horsepower. The E-Ray will be equipped with a total power output of 605 horsepower. This makes it the most powerful hybrid performance vehicle in the world. The E-Ray could probably make history as the only Corvette to have all-wheel drive. If this is true, it’s another bold move from Chevrolet. With the launch of C8 C8 and C8, the GM company made the Corvette an engine with a mid-engine. There’s plenty to look forward to in the brand new E-Ray.

2024 Chevy corvette E-Ray Specs
2024 Chevy corvette E-Ray Specs

A hybrid Corvette is an unpopular choice for a lot of. Chevrolet should consider this, and we’re with them. It will ensure that the Corvette is well-known in the contemporary world. It needs to be in tune with the current trends. Automobiles are becoming greener. These guzzlers of gas shouldn’t be allowed to go on forever. Keep in mind that the Corvette’s primary 6.2-liter V8 engine is still the soul and heart that is the Corvette. The car is also super stylish. Hybrid Corvette makes hybrids cooler. It’s even cooler when you include engines with V8s. Chevrolet is putting much more horsepower into Corvette’s engine. We’re not losing the power, but getting. A hybrid version (a completely electronic version) is in the works. The hybrid version will allow us to experience the thrilling V8 engine for longer. The cars are to be enjoyed for as long as they last as someday there will be no Corvette equipped with an engine with a V8.


Chevrolet is extremely quiet in revealing information regarding the E-Ray. It’s not surprising. It’s not difficult to obtain information about cars in the age of digital. But, the latest image of the car using the configurator suggests it’s a two-door sedan that has removable panels for the hardtop. It is likely to be convertible with a hardtop. It is expected that the new E-Ray could also come in bigger in weight and weigh more than the C8 Stingray standard.

2024 Chevy corvette E-Ray Review
2024 Chevy corvette E-Ray Review

2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Revealed

It won’t take long to get to see our first glimpse of the E-Ray Corvette, regardless of what happens. The car has been among the most intriguing to emerge from Chevrolet over the last few years. Many are waiting to see the car experienced in person, with no camouflage. This is a brand new world for Corvettes and it’s a far cry from the time when Corvettes first appeared when the Corvette was first introduced. Performance cars have to adapt to the ever-changing times. Chevrolet has ensured that Corvette is exactly the right car for you.