2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV : What We Know So Far

Following its announcement at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV finally appears. According to Chevy the front-, rear- and all-wheel drive variations are being developed The company is currently working on an option specifically for police forces. The 2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV will bring Chevrolet’s famous Super Sport emblems into the world of electric automobiles.

The Blazer EV will be a blend of both performance and price and performance, including the SS trim leading the charts, just like nearly each other Super Sports product in Chevy’s past. To give commuters a similar design without the ruthless performance featured in the top trim, the Blazer EV will offer less performance-friendly–and more cost-conscious–versions. However, it is similar to the iconic SS models of the past, it will still be a stunning model.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV Specs
2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV Specs

Of course, the most powerful model in the lineup is Chevy’s first electronic Super Sport variant. With a performance-oriented all-wheel-drive setup The Blazer SS produces 557 horsepower and 648 pounds of torque. The range is slightly less than the RS version, with about 290 miles. The unique “Wide Open Watts” mode or WOW as it’s known, comes in the SS. According to GM’s calculations,, it can go from 0-60 miles per hour in just four seconds.


Interiors in Chevrolet automobiles have generally been unreliable However, the Blazer EV makes an impression that is positive in this regard. A massive 17.7-inch entertainment system directed towards the driver as well as an instrument cluster that measures 11 inches come included in all models. The latter comes with an integrated navigation system that is EV-friendly and tells the location of charging stations on the route and their availability in terms of charging capability.

If you leave the screens out The 2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV’s interior appears a bit more luxurious as compared to the Ford Mustang Mach-simpler E’s style. The prototype that will be used for production features real metal accents, as well as beautifully cushioned areas at the key touch points However, we’ll hold off on the final decision until we’ve tested this model in production.


Air vents have a circular design and are “heritage-inspired,” despite the cabin’s design is modern. These vents have evolved to be closely associated with the Camaro but they’ve changed to the Blazer equipped with the addition of ICE and are currently on the electric version. The Blazer electric seems to be about identical to that of the gasoline-powered Blazer according to dimensions. However, the EV platform allows for an open floor plan and improves the comfort of the rear seats that do not require tunnels.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV Review
2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV Review

Although the cargo space appears to be huge at the rear, however, the roofline’s tapered shape could make it appear somewhat restricted. We are sorry to inform enthusiasts of the frunk that at present there is no frunk to be found. Instead of storage for goods, GM repurposed the area to store other items to be used in the automobile. When we asked GM about this, they said that having a more spacious cabin was more important than an extra wide front end and an encased frunk.

Battery & Charging

The Ultium propulsion system developed by GM featuring three different sizes of batteries is employed for the Blazer EV. Based on the model you select The Blazer EV can be powered by 11.5 Kilowatt Level 2 charge, as well as DC-fast charging capabilities that can reach 190 kW. According to estimates from the automaker they expect buyers to be able to extend their range to an additional 78 miles of range within 10 minutes on the charge point with this speed.

Engine & Range

The Blazer EV S has the most powerful mileage of 296 miles with one full charge. The electric motor is 648 pounds (879 Newton-meters) of torque and 557 horsepower (415 Kilowatts) of power. The vehicle is equipped with what is referred to by the manufacturer as”the Wide Open Watts (WOW) mode, which allows the speedy EV to reach 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in under four seconds. The charging system is capable of handling up to 190 kW using the DC fast charger and as high as 11.5 kW when connected to a level 2 AC outlet.


The SS model comes with ultra-thin 22-inch wheels and a black roof and 21-inch wheels. The RS model comes with a black grille with highlights. The GM Super Cruise driver-assist feature, which allows hands-free driving under certain conditions, is offered for the Blazer Electric. Furthermore, it includes advanced parking assist and reverse-automated brakes. In addition, it comes with a basic set of lane-keeping features, collision warning, and automatic emergency brake systems.

The rollout is scheduled to be staggered. Blazer EV is being planned. For the model year 2024, 2LT and RS versions will be available. 2LT along with RS versions will go available in the summer of 2023. The SS will follow this later in 2023. those with the 1LT and PPV variants will follow it in early 2024.

Three different drive units are integrated into the three drive units in all Chevrolet Blazer EV models. The cars that have front-wheel drive will come with identifiable front-drive technology. In addition, buyers can opt to have those cars equipped with a rear drive unit that can be used for all-wheel drive. For customers who prefer an experience with rear-wheel drive and have higher trims, a more powerful and more powerful rear drive unit is available.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV Interior
2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV Interior

The 2024 Chevy Blazer SS receives an exceptional performance AWD system that pairs the front-drive setup that is smaller with the bigger rear-drive setup. There is an FWD configuration is available on 2LT and 1LT models, however, AWD is an alternative. Each Blazer electric model will have the ability to drive with one pedal and regenerative brake.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV Price & Release Date

The prices for 2LT and RS that will are expected to debut during the second quarter of 2023. begin at $47,595 or $51,995, respectively. The SS will be on sale the next year and will be priced at $65,995. The 1LT is expected to be available during the initial quarter of 2024 and will cost $44,995. It is expected that the SS will be available in the year ahead and will cost $65,995.