2024 BMW 4 Series : Price, Specs & Review

It is easy to guess what the new facelifted 4 Series will look like. We have seen spy photos and the 3 Series LCI facelift. Now we know the BMW M.O. is. This render shows what it could look like.

2024 BMW 4 Series Facelift
2024 BMW 4 Series Facelift

2024 BMW 4 Series Redesign

The new render is very simple: Take a 4 Series Coupe, and digitally add new headlights to it. The shape of this render’s headlights is not perfect. It looks like they took the stock shape and added the LED design inside. It has the same dual arrow LED lights as modern BMWs like the BMW X5 LCI and X6 LCI. The front end remains the same as before. Because this is a rendering of the M440i, the grille has a little silver dot design.

Although you can’t see into the cabin of the 4 Series, it will be so predictable that I would be willing to wager large sums on its appearance. Two major changes will be made to the interior of the 4 Series LCI. The first, and most important, is iDrive 8. The 4 Series Coupe will be joining its i4 sibling and getting the new curved iDrive 8, with two screens. The iDrive is on the right screen, while the digital gauges are on the left screen. It works the same way on all iDrive 8-equipped cars, including the 7 Series, X7, and 3 Series LCI. Expect nothing new or exciting. We don’t know if it will keep the iDrive rotary dial, but we are confident it will.


Mechanically, very little will be different. This M440i render is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged, inline-six that produces 382 horsepower and 369 pounds-feet of torque. The only difference is that this new engine has 48-volt mild hybrid technology. This makes it more efficient and allows for auto start/stop. The engine will be available with either all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive and will only pair with an 8-speed automatic. While the majority of customers prefer the latter, there are some more adventurous people out there.

2024 BMW 4 Series Facelift Interior
2024 BMW 4 Series Facelift Interior

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The four-cylinder 430i coupe with a four-cylinder engine will get 26 mpg in cities and 34 mpg on highways, according to the EPA. All-wheel drive reduces these figures to 24 mpg and 33 respectively. The M440i six-cylinder engine is rated at 22 and 31 mpg respectively. The M440i model has not been tested on our 75-mph highway fuel efficiency route. However, the 430ixDrive returned 34 mpg during the 200-mile test. Visit the EPA website for more information on the 4-series’ fuel efficiency.

Interior, Comfort, & Cargo

The 4-series cabins may not be as noticeable as the 3-series unless the customer is in the back seat. Although the interior layout, primary controls, and dashboard materials look identical to the 3-series four-door, we found that the 4-series has a more spacious feel due to its lower roofline. The 3-series has less trunk space than the 3-series, especially the convertible model. In our testing, five suitcases were carried in the trunk of a coupe model. This is one less than the 3-series sedan.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The 2023 4-series has the same 12.3-inch gauge display and 14.9-inch infotainment screen as the 3-series sedan. Both displays are running the latest version of BMW’s iDrive 8 infotainment program. The intuitive interface is paired with a click-wheel controller mounted on the console for quick use while driving. Those who prefer to interact directly with the display can do so since they both have touchscreens. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and in-dash navigation come as standard, while wireless charging pads and onboard Wi-Fi are optional.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

BMW offers many driver-assist features standard, with additional options available. Visit the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for more information on the 4-series’ crash test results. The following safety features are key:

  • Automatic pedestrian detection and standard automated emergency braking
  • Standard lane departure warning with lane-keeping assistance
  • Available adaptive control
2024 BMW 4 Series Facelift Specs
2024 BMW 4 Series Facelift Specs

2024 BMW 4 Series Revealed

The actual facelift of the BMW 4 Series should be revealed soon. It could also be the last gas-powered 4 Series, as the next-gen model will use the Neue Klasse architecture alongside the electric 3 Series.

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