2024 Audi A4 Spied With Full Production Body As ICE Finale

Audi’s compact sedan is a classic model that has been in production for many years. It’s not surprising that sales have started to drop. In the first nine months, around 10.000 units were sold. This is 25% more than the same period in 2021. This is not surprising considering that the current generation was released in 2016. The Ingolstadt company has been hard at work on the next generation and it should be available next year as the 2024 Audi A4.

2024 Audi A4
2024 Audi A4

Audi will make a lot of evolutionary changes based on what we know. Audi will likely be the last generation to use internal-combustion engines. Therefore, everyone can expect to see familiar designs and technical solutions. However, there are some innovations in North America such as the hybrid version.

2024 Audi A4 Redesign

The next generation of the popular sedan, as we just mentioned is in development. Most of the changes are evolutionary, based on what we know. This is especially true for mechanics. The familiar MLB platform is about to be updated. While most elements will remain the same, we anticipate some tweaks to the suspension and chassis.

It has been seen several times, and it still sports complete camouflage. However, the overall shape of the A4 will not change. The A4 will be available as both a sedan and a station wagon. Although camouflaged on the front, we can see a larger hexagonal grille and slight reshaping of the headlights.


You are already familiar with the carmaker’s core philosophy and will know what to expect from this new cabin design. The 2024 Audi A4 will feature evolutionary changes and a conservative approach to the dashboard design. New screens and materials will bring about further improvements in build quality and materials.

2024 Audi A4 Changes
2024 Audi A4 Changes

The new model will feature a large digital instrument cluster and a larger, tablet-like infotainment display. Some sources claim that Ingolstadt engineers will still keep physical controls underneath the infotainment display. This is something we are looking forward to. A new steering wheel will also be available, similar to the Q4 E-tron’s, and will feature touch-sensitive controls as well as mounted paddle shifters in all models.

2024 Audi A4 Interior
2024 Audi A4 Interior

Given that there are no larger changes in overall dimensions, the number of passenger rooms should stay pretty consistent. This would result in a few spacious rows of seats, and the ability for four adults to be seated. This generation has 12 cubic feet of cargo space. This is lower than the average segment.


The new generation will ride on the MLB platform so it is almost certain that the engine lineup will stay the same. Base models will still be equipped with the familiar 2.0-liter turbo-four. It is available in two versions with 201 or 261 horsepower. The redesign will likely bring power increases to each unit. The engine is currently paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The performance-oriented S4 model is also available. The sedan can go from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds thanks to the 3.0-liter V6 that produces 349 horsepower. While we expect some power increases in the new model, most of the other features should be unchanged.

2024 Audi A4 Price and Release Date

The next-generation 2024 Audi A4 is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2023. It will be available at a starting price of around 40.000 dollars. Models like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series are key competitors.